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70's Hits

Would anybody in the world forget the 70’s and its music? Besides new genres such as disco that arose to enrich the diverse musical background, that decade was the perfect time for bands and artists such as The Beatles, Roberta Flack, John Denver, and Marvin Gaye to start developing their outstanding and successful careers. Although they began singing more than thirty years ago, their musical heritage is still enjoyed by the new generations. What is more, many of the current music stars have been influenced by this era and one of these artists.
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Village People: Disguised Music on the Scenery 05/01/2006
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Roberta Flack: Brief Success 04/26/2006
Rare Earth: Is Not a Strange Planet 04/25/2006
Wings: The Paul McCartney’s Legacy 04/25/2006
Marvin Gaye: One of the Finest During the 60’s and 70’s 04/25/2006
Jim Croce: Short Career but a Great Legacy 04/25/2006
Freda Payne: From Africa to America 04/25/2006
Edwin Starr: Music of the Soul 04/24/2006
Earth, Wind and Fire: The Elements of Good Music 04/24/2006
B. J. Thomas: Success in the 70’s 04/24/2006
The Sad Story of The Carpenters04/12/2006
Helen Reddy: A Talented Singer and Actress04/12/2006
The Great Success of Billy Paul04/12/2006
The Life of John Denver04/12/2006
Gilbert O'Sullivan and His Story04/12/2006
The Amazing Talent of Clint Holmes04/11/2006
Carole King: The Lack of Good Luck04/11/2006
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