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Carole King: The Lack of Good Luck

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From the age of four, Carole King has been considered a proficient pianist and a great songwriter in her early teens.  She has been considered one of pop music’s most successful songwriters since she has recorded works with different artists from the Beatles to Aretha Franklin, thus obtaining lots of recognition.

This couple wrote, arranged and produced hits for Little Eva and the Cookies. As time passing by, the duo Goffin/King developed sophisticated, personalized compositions such as “Going Back”, “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.” However, the end of her marriage with Goffin really affected her career. After moving to Los Angeles, she got married and decided to start a solo career in 1970 with Writer. King’s album “Tapestry” has sold over 15 million copies around the world and proposed its creator as a major figure in the singer-songwriter movement. Perhaps, it is a matter of luck or fate that she was not probably as successful as other artists did so. Nevertheless, she is well-known for her hits rather than for the number of awards it got.

When she was studying at Queens College, she met her future partner and husband Gerry Goffin, whose lyrical gifts coincide with King’s grasp of melody. Some of her singles include “The Right Girl”, "Queen of the Beach" and “Baby Sitting” before the recording “Oh Neil.” In spite of the fact that her record was not a hit, Don Kirshner was very impressed with such albums since he signed the Goffin/King team to his Aldon Music. King together with Goffin got success with the Shirelles, Bobby Vee and the Drfiters.

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