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You probably know what the term compilation means. Compilation is the gathering of different songs or pieces of music taking into account different types of compilation. First, there are compilations that gather the best songs of certain singers; these are usually known as “greatest hits”. However, there are compilations of songs according to the theme they develop or the genre they belong to regardless of the singer; for instance, compilations of love or Christmas songs (theme) or soundtracks, jazz, or rock compilations (genre). The other type of compilations is the one that gathers the best hits of different artists. Whatever the case is, compilations are a great option to have the songs you like the most in just one place.
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Stiff Records Box Set: Rock and Roll by Dozens!04/13/2006
WOW Gospel 2006: A Year of Blessed Music04/13/2006
Monster Ballads: Platinum Edition04/12/2006
Down to the Promised Land: 5 years of Bloodshot Records04/12/2006
Big Boi Presents Got Purp? Vol. II04/12/2006
WOW Hits 2006: Music from Heaven!04/12/2006
Sub Pop 200: Rock Flowing through Your Veins!04/11/2006
Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Vol 2: What Kids Want to Listen to!04/11/2006
Camp Skingraft: Now Wave Compilation04/11/2006
Lonely is an Eyesore: Simply Alternative!04/11/2006
Radio Disney Jams 8: Seven Were not Enough!04/10/2006
NOW Latino: Now That's What I Call Music!04/10/2006