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Lonely is an Eyesore: Simply Alternative!

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Lonely is an Eyesore is the result of a project conducted by 4AD which involved the compilation of a series of songs belonging to 4AD artists. The songs were carefully selected and were exclusively performed for this release. It was originally released as LP in 1987; however, 5 years later in 1992, was re-released on CD. At present, a VHS compilation is also available with all the music videos of the singles contained in this album. Some of the best artists of the latest 80’s and 4AD labeled are now at your disposal thanks to Lonely is an Eyesore.

Nine singles and eight artists are encompassed in this studio album: “Hot Doggie” by Colourbox, “Acid, Bitter And Sad” by This Mortal Coil, “Cut The Tree” by The Wolfgang Press, “Crushed” by Cocteau Twins, “No Motion” by Dif Juz, “Muscoviet Musquito” by Clan Of Xymox and “Frontier” and “The Protagonist” by Dead Can Dance. This is an album specially designed for all those people who are lovers of alternative rock. 4AD chose eight of their most outstanding bands and combined their musical styles – electronic, soul-influenced pop, darkwae rock and gothic rock among others – to produce one of the best compilations.

Lonely is an Eyesore is an album that can be seen as a sign of effort and achievement. 4AD is a British indie rock – a genre within alternative rock – record company that began its operations in 1979 thanks to the efforts of two music fans Peter Kent and Ivo Watts-Russell. All throughout these years, 4AD has helped good bands with not enough or no support at all from other commercial record labels. In this context Lonely is an Eyesore is proof that hard work and love for music are enough to triumph.

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