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Camp Skingraft: Now Wave Compilation

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Camp Skingraft is another of the wide options listeners have to enjoy their favorite songs and artists in just one album. This compilation produced under the label Skin Graft Records includes a great variety of musical styles: Experimental Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Hardcore Punk, Noise, Math Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental and Noise-Rock. Lovers of rock and its different expressions will really take pleasure in Camp Skingraft.

Thirty-three singles are included in this studio album: “My Name In Italics” (The Browns), “Missouri Twist” (U. S. Maple), “Demonic Velocities” (The Flying Luttenbachers), “The Flying Luttenbachers” (Lake Of Dracula), “Skeleton King” (Yona-Kit), “Riddler 5” (You Fantastic!), “Zombie Tube” (UFO Or Die), “The Beeper Gets Digested” (Zeke Sheck Care Company), “You're Just To Scared, Boy” (Chuck Falzone, Telepath), “Nande” (Shakuhachi Surprise), “Zoo, No Vacancy” (Melt-Banana), “Satan's Pool Party” (Strangulated Beatoffs), “Insouciance” (Monitor Radio), “Bewilderbeast” (Colossamite), “Chewing Gum From Outer Space” (Flossie And The Unicorns).

But Camp Skingraft has more than that. This album also encompasses “Mitzy Lodge” (Shorty), “One, Two, Many” (Zzzzz), “Filet Of Nod” (Cheer Accident), “Framed” (The Denison Kimball Trio), “Hydromasgroningem” (Ruins), “Latham's Snipe” (Akaten), “Pikadom” (Omoide Hatoba), “Bye To Bags” (Last Of SG's), “S171” (Mount Shasta), “Windshear” (Dazzling Killmen), “Nightclub Organist” (Quintron), “69 Annee Erotique” (Bobby Conn), “Tokyo Santa” (Nood Ham), “Flash Fire” (Tortured Machine), “F. O. J. K.” (Space Streakings), “Terminal Hz” (Zenigeva), “Mighty Fuckin' Robots” (F'Stein), and “Likeness” (Brise-Glace). One word better describes Camp Skingraft: Diversity.

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