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Pop music was previously an abbreviation for popular music; nevertheless, today, pop is a subgenre of it. This subgenre is characterized by being produced commercially and designed to appeal to everyone. For this matter, the songs do not last long, have a rhythmic element, are easily memorable, with catchy lyrics and melodies. Even though they may not have a significant message, they are songs that people enjoy signing. This music has been subjected to criticism by those who consider it without a purpose and due to its marketable basis: a simple melody and rhythms.  Pop has been influenced by other musical genres: R&B, rock, country jazz, and folk, among others. Ashlee Simpsom, Gorillaz and Bo Bice belong to this subgenre.

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Matisyahu: The Most Lovable Oddball!05/05/2006
Sheryl Crow: A Queen!05/01/2006
The Pussy Cat Dolls: An Innovative Group05/01/2006
The All-American Rejects: Getting Bigger!05/01/2006
KT Tunstall: From Scotland to the World! 05/01/2006
Jessica Simpson: A Famous Blonde!05/01/2006
Usher: R&B Itself!04/28/2006
Nick Lachey: An Uncertain Situation! 04/28/2006
Kanye West: A King04/28/2006
Teddy Geiger: A Succesful Future! 04/28/2006
Natasha Bedingfield: Successful & Special Music04/26/2006
Sean Paul: A Great Fusion!04/26/2006
Christina Aguilera: A Pop Diva04/26/2006
Bon Jovi: A Band that Have Sold 100 Million Copies! 04/25/2006
Rob Thomas: A Talented Artist!04/24/2006
Nelly: It Is Getting Hot In Here! 04/24/2006
Mandy Moore: A Young but Succesful Artist04/24/2006
Britney Spears04/10/2006
Bo Bice04/10/2006
Aly and AJ04/10/2006
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