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Teddy Geiger: A Succesful Future!

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Teddy Geiger’s real name is John Theodore “Teddy” Geiger II.  Teddy Geiger is a great singer and songwriter who was born in Rochester, New York on September 16, 1988.  His passion for music started when he was just a little child.  When he was only six years old, he started playing piano, and two years later, he also began playing the guitar.  Amazingly, when he was about 10 or 11 years old, he wrote the first song of his life.  The name of it was “Try Too Hard.”

In spite of the fact that Teddy is a young boy with a not-very-long trajectory, he has become very famed these days.  Geiger appeared for the first time in national media being a finalist in “In Search of the Patridge Family.”  In addition, this good musician had the opportunity of touring with Hilary Duff.  In this sense, he was in charge of the opening act in what is the 2005 “Still Most Wanter Tour.”  Teddy Geiger’s first track, which was called “For You I Will (Confidence)", was launched last February.  So far, this single has been well-accepted and described as “sweetly romantic” and with “sophisticated lyrics.”

Teddy Geiger, in 2005, first recorded an EP album which was called Step Ladder.  Nevertheless, his debut album is called Underage Thinking.  He released it on March 21st, 2006.  The fact that with his debut, Teddy reached #8 on The Billboard 200 album chart, without a doubt, reveals Geiger’s potential and the great success that will come.  Moreover, he had a role on the series called Love Monkey, a show in which Geiger’s song titled “Love is a Marathon” was featured.

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