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World music is a generic term that refers to all those recordings, especially non-western ones, that do not match the genres and subgenres already created. Since 1980, when the term was popularized, it has been used to categorize any type of foreign music. In general, the music belonging to this genre is characterized by being performed using traditional ethnic instruments and including ethnic modes, scales and musical inflections. The term “world music” has come to substitute, in some way, the term "folk" music, but some people consider that it should be eliminated and that this music should be integrated into other existing genres.
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Tito Puente: Bueno pa Gozar!05/05/2006
Utada: Just Right Back!05/01/2006
Sezen Aksu: Breaking Myths!05/01/2006
Keola Beamer: Discover the Honolulu City Lights!05/01/2006
Ladysmith Black Mambazo: When Dreams Come True!05/01/2006
Gipsy Kings: The Best of Rumba!05/01/2006
Zap Mama: All They Need, Their Voice!05/01/2006
Cheb Mami: Something to Say!04/28/2006
Antonio Carlos Jobim: Being the Best!04/28/2006
Les Nubians: World Music Princesses!04/28/2006
Cesaria Evora: From the Soul! 04/26/2006
Brazilian Girls: The Best of World Music04/26/2006
Baaba Maal: Fusion of Tradition and Modernity04/26/2006
Angelique Kidjo: All Afro Funk Rhythms! 04/26/2006
Amadou and Mariam: With the Eyes of Music!04/25/2006
Alpha Blondy: The Person behind the Mysticism04/25/2006
Ali Farka Touré: From Africa to the World!04/24/2006
Afro Celt Sound System: Music, World, Culture and Exchange!04/24/2006
Kevin Lyttle: Turning You On!04/21/2006
Flogging Molly: An Interesting Band04/21/2006
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