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Les Nubians: World Music Princesses!

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Les Nubians is an R&B female duo from France. Les Nubians are two sisters, Helene (1975) and Celia (1979) Faussart. Their father is French and their mother Cameroonian. Although both girls were born in France, they moved to Chad with their parents while being ten and six years old respectively. As teenagers, they returned to France. This event allowed them to be influenced by different musical experiences and genres due to the fact that they have been interested in music since very early years.

As Les Nubians started doing covers a cappella of reggae, R&B as well as African songs, but soon, they began to create their own music in conjunction with some bands. Certain artists have had the most influence on these two girls: Abbey Lincoln, Miriam Makeba, the Fugees, Ella Fitzgerald and Fela Kuti. All this influence resulted in a really original sound. Les Nubians are an option that combines hip-hop sounds and the best of modern black music with sounds characteristic of traditional African music.

Princesses Nubiennes was the name of their debut album, released in 1998. It was released in Belgium, France and Switzerland three months it reached the United States. In 1999, Les Nubians become a real success in the United States so that they even participated with other recognized artists: Yerba Buena, Black Eyed Peas and Talib Kweli. In addition, the album was the most successful French-language album during that decade. Some of the most important singles within the album were “Bebela”, “Makeda”, “Tabou” and “Sugar Cane”. In “Sugar Cane,” Les Nubians explored black history.

The acceptance this duo received in The United States was in part one of the reasons that drove them to include more songs in English in their next album One Step Forward (2003). This album was produced with the help of Manu Dibango, Talib Kweli and Ray Lema in London, Cameroon, Paris and Jamaica. The first release of the album was the song they recorded with Talib Kweli “Temperature Rising”. Finally, in 2005, they released the album Echos : Chapter One Nubian Voyager.

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