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Kevin Lyttle: Turning You On!

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Kevin Lyttle is a great soca artist whose real name is Lescott Kevin Lyttle Coombs.  He was born on September 14, 1976 in Saint Vincent, which is a volcanic island located in the Caribbean.  In fact, most of his music is characterized for including a Caribbean special touch.  Actually, one of Kevin Lyttle’s most successful songs, which is called “Turn Me On", got to be a really important and popular hit in this American region.  This song represents a fantastic combination of soca, R&B and hip-hop although he is always focused on soca.

Incredibly, the beginning of the success of this worldwide famous song took place in the United Kingdom.  Seven days after the day the song “Turn me On” was released in this country in 2003, it got to reach number two, a position that maintained for several weeks in the single charts.  However, in other twelve countries such as Finland and Australia, the song reached #1 and #3 respectively.  In the United States, this international hit was released in 2004.  There, it got to be #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Three years ago, Kevin Lyttle signed under Atlantic Records, and thus, in 2004, he released his second single titled “Last Drop”, which has been very successful too.  Actually, it reached top 40 in Australia, Sweden and Netherlands, top 20 in Switzerland and top 10 in Finland.  Amazingly, Kevin Lyttle co-wrote all the songs that are included in the album that offer great guest appearances such as Assasin and Spragga Benz. Nevertheless, the most amazing thing about him is that, before getting to be such a popular and successful artist, he worked on several day jobs, including radio disc jockey and customs office. 

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