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Utada: Just Right Back!

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Utana Hikaru was born in Manhattan in 1983. This young girl is not only one of the most important Japanese pop artists but also one of the wealthiest people in Japan. It may be difficult to believe that a person being so young could achieve something like this, but Utana begin her musical career since very early years. Being the daughter of the musical producer Teruzane Utada, and the enka singer Junko Utada, Utada spend much of her childhood in recording studios. In fact, she recorded her first album when she was 12 years old with the name Cubic U.

This album drove her to other latitudes. She moved to Japan and kept working in music. In Japan, her music was well accepted by the Japanese audience who bought more than a million copies of her album First Love. By that time, she had achieved a hit with the single “Automatic”. Being one of the wealthiest people in Japan, this album also was a success in Asia, where it sold more than a million copies. This fact and the acceptance of her music in Asia and Japan encouraged her to look for new audiences and returned to the place that witnessed her birth.

In 2000 as a student of Columbia University, she continued with her musical career and recorded in 2001 and 2002 the albums Distance and Deep River respectively. Both albums were still directed by the Japanese industry and went platinum by sales. If you like video games, you may know that the themes to the games Kingdom Hearts (“Simple and Clean”) and Kingdom Hearts II (“Passion”) are performed by Utada. She is also the singer of “First Love”, “Can You Keep a Secret?” and “Addicted to You".

In 2002, she had to fight against an ovarian tumor that kept her far from promotions and TV appearances. The next year she announced her wedding with the photographer Kazuaki Kiriya. Finally, the following year, she launched her album Exodus. This was her re-debut in North America, this time with the name Utaba. The singles more successful of this recording were “Exodus '04", “You Make Me Want To Be A Man”, and “Devil Inside".

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