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Sezen Aksu: Breaking Myths!

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Today the mother of Turk pop stars and “Queen of Turkish Pop”, Sezen Aksu was born in Turkey in 1954. She moved to Izmir, which is the 3rd most populous city in Turkey, when she was 3. Before concentrating on music full time, she studied agriculture after high school.

Her music was the fusion of traditional turkey sounds and music with more modern influences from other countries. Sezen Aksu was the key that opens the doors of Turkey music to the whole world. At age 21, she released her first single: “Haydi Sansim/Gel Bana” in 1975. However her next single “Olmaz Olsun/Vurdumduymaz” was the one that provided her with the first positions in Turkey charts and popularity mainly among young people. Sezen Aksu is named “Queen of Turkish Pop” due to the album Serçe (Sparrow, 1978), which was also her first album.

Sezen Asku’s music has been, throughout these years, a combination of conventional and traditional music with some elements of pop and musical influences coming from Europe and other latitudes. In 1995, her music finally reached audiences out of Turkey, in Europe, when the album Isik Dogudan Yükselir or The Sun Rises in the East was released. Followers of world music all around the world were impressed by this fusion of two different musical traditions: the classical western and the traditional Turkey. She has also collaborated with other outstanding Turkey pop artists, among them: Tarkan, Sertab Erener, Levent Yüksel and Hande Yener.

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