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Brazilian Girls: The Best of World Music

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Brazilian Girls is a musical group formed in New York by 2003. The group is composed of three boys and a girl: Sabina Sciubba is the lead singer; Didi Gutman the keyboardist, Aron Johnston the drummer, and Jesse Murphy the bassist. Something curious about this group is the name: they are not Brazilians and there is just one girl in the group. However, they have a distinctive sound, they described as melting pop, which combines reggae, samba, lounge, house, electronic, bossa nova and jazz. Listening to Brazilians Girls’ music is like being in two or more places at the same time: it is just transcendental.

They met in 2003 at a New York club called Nublu and formed the band as it is constituted today. The richness of their sounds is a result of the band's diversity. Sabina was born in Roma and grew up in Nice and Munich. From that experience, she learned Spanish, Italian, German, French and English and that is why she is now able to sing in those five different languages. Didi is from Argentina, Jesse from California and Aaron form Kansas. Nevertheless, each member’s musical career began before the success of Brazilian Girls (2005), participating in many cases with prominent artists. It is specially noticeable their participation in the jazz album You Don’t Know What Love Is with Chris Anderson.

Their first album Brazilian Girls was released in February 2005. Their debut album got the acceptance of critics as well as the audience so that they made their debut on TV on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. The album Brazilian Girls is a complete production with songs to fulfill everybody’s expectations. From singles with humorous lyrics such as “Don't Stop” to dance hall chants like “Pussy", you get all you need. Those who love music and appreciate world music cannot do anything more than love Brazilian Girls and their music.

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