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Flogging Molly: An Interesting Band

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Flogging Molly is the name that an Irish American punk rock band receives.  This band, which is made up of seven members, is originally from Los Angeles and is signed under SideOneDummy Records.  The members of Flogging Molly are George Schwindt, who is in charge of the drums, bodhran and percussion; Bob Schmidt, who plays the mandolin, banjo, mandola and bazouki; Nathen Maxwell, playing the bass guitar and also, Matt Hensley, who is in charge of the accordion and concertina; Dennis Casey, the one playing the electric guitar, Bridget Regan, who plays the tin whistle, uilleann pipes and fiddle; and Dave King, in charge of acoustic guitar, spoons, banjo and bodhran.  All of them but George and Matt are backing vocals.

The band Flogging Molly is a very particular band comprising lots of interesting facts.  For instance, it is remarkable that Dave King, who is the major lyricist and songwriter of the band, composes his songs on a 1916 typewriter.  In addition, their song “The Worst Day Since Yesterday” is featured in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Also, Matt Hensley, before becoming a member of the Flogging Molly, was a successful and famed skateboarder.

The name “Flogging Molly” comes from the name of an Irish pub in LA called Molly Malone’s, where they used to play on Monday nights.  Flogging Molly has released one independent live album called Alive Behind the Green Door and 3 main studio albums, which are Swagger, Drunken Lullabies and last but not least, Within a Mile of Home.  Flogging Molly participated in the Rock Against Bush, which is a project that gathered some bands to perform against the 2004 Bush campaign.  Flogging Molly is planning to release a live DVD album for this year.  Let’s wait for it then.

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