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Which is your favorite singer or group? Do you know what is going on with your favorite music genre? Keep up with the latest information regarding the music industry, your favorite singers, genre and songs by reading the press releases we have at your disposal. All of them will help you get deeper into something that can produce extreme effects over people: Music.
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Groove Rock Radio Official Launch at University of Michigan Noir Evolution Fashion Show04/21/2006
Historical Fiction Novel “Hudson Lake” Brings Sizzling ‘20s Jazz Age To Life; Novel Features Legends Bix Beiderbecke, Al Capone and “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn04/21/2006
Snapdragon Baby™ Socks Selected for 19th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards Gift Bags04/21/2006
Hip Hop Street Credentials DVD Gets Love from the #1 Hater on the #1 Radio Program in the #1 Market04/21/2006
'Mr. Culture' Provides On-Air Talent for WORLDSPACE® Satellite Radio's 24X7 Global Hip Hop Channel04/21/2006
Great Country Music is Out There--Do You Know Who’s Making It?04/21/2006
Music Web Sites Benchmarked in New Web Marketing Association Study04/21/2006
City Canyons Recording Artist Jen Elliott Rocks with New EP, "this damn song"04/21/2006
Welcome TO PlanetSRK. Scintillating. Rocking. King. Why settle for the rest when you can have the best? Only at PlanetSRK04/21/2006
Join a Winning Circle with Susan Salidor's 'Come and Make a Circle 2'04/21/2006
Sydus Appoints Prescription Consulting as Distribution Partner for South Africa04/21/2006
Independent Musicians Take Another Leap Forward with Playin’ Music's Release of 33 New Acidized Loop Libraries04/21/2006
Global Groove Music Festival Comes To Temple Bar For One Night Only - May 4, 200604/21/2006
Tommy Danger, The Now & Laterman Goes Mobile04/21/2006
Mvyradio Launches Large Music-related Interview and Performance Archive04/21/2006
Emmaus Road Reaches #3 On WPFF Radio's Top 40 Chart04/21/2006
Paragon and Rogers: An Indie Band's Dream Come True04/21/2006
Red Hot Chili Peppers Rocking Radio First via Promo Only MPE04/21/2006
Acoustical Solutions Introduces Recording Studios in a Box04/21/2006
Carl Cox Invades America04/20/2006
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