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Independent Musicians Take Another Leap Forward with Playin’ Music's Release of 33 New Acidized Loop Libraries

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Independent musicians and composers are gaining more and more power to succeed on their own. By using royalty free “loops” composers are able to collaborate with a huge variety of musicians while keeping the cost and time consumption to a very small fraction of what it might otherwise be.

Twin Peaks, CA (PRWEB) April 5, 2006 -- Playin’ Music launches their acidized loop library line with a whopping 33 new titles. Each library is available in both 16 and 24 bit resolutions. The 24 bit CD’s have 600-640 megs of material, and the 16 bit versions have between 350 and 450 megs. They’re all being offered at 25% off until April 30th; promotional prices range from about $10.00 to $20.00 per CD.

There are 11 new Guitar loops discs, 4 new Drum loop discs, 4 new Bass loops discs, 5 new Keyboard loops discs, 5 new Vocals loop discs, and 4 new compilation discs.

A loop is a short segment of music, where usually a single instrument is being played. It’s usually one or two bars long. It's made so that when it's repeated again and again (looped) it creates a "rhythmic groove". It's not necessary to play the loops repeatedly but is a common quality they have. Loops are frequently more useful when they're not being played back to back. Think of a loop as a short "riff" played by a musician on his or her instrument. In most instances that phrase will not be repeated again and again in a song. So for most types of music stringing different phrases together is more appropriate. The fact that they are usually only a bar or two long makes them ideal for arranging and rearranging into songs. Royalty free means there’s no royalties due anyone if the song containing them is sold for money.

Loops can be a huge time and money saver when those factors are important. There's no travel time or travel expense involved, and there are no disagreements about what to play. Composers can pick which drummer they’d like for any particular song, which bass player, which keyboard player and on and on. They can have several of each if they’d like, and can remove them from the song without offending anyone.

For more information including samples and demo songs for each disc visit their Web site at: http://www.playinmusic.com

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