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'Mr. Culture' Provides On-Air Talent for WORLDSPACE® Satellite Radio's 24X7 Global Hip Hop Channel

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'Mr. Culture' Provides On-Air Talent for WORLDSPACE® Satellite Radio's 24X7 Global Hip Hop Channel

Spoken Word Provides Social Responsibility through Poetry and Urban Music on Worldspace’s Flava Channel

Silver Spring, Md., USA, (PRWEB) April 4, 2006 -- Omekongo Dibinga, spoken word artist known as “Mr. Culture,” announced today that he will provide on-air talent for WORLDSPACE® Satellite Radio’s “Flava”, a 24-hour, commercial-free channel delivering the hottest globally-focused hip hop and urban music, entertainment and top celebrity news on the planet. As one of the world leaders in satellite-based digital radio services, WORLDSPACE will deliver its subscribers Dibinga’s socially responsible poetry, rap and discourse via the company’s AfriStar™ satellite, which covers Africa and parts of Europe and the Middle East.

Debuting on WORLDSPACE Satellite Radio April 11, 2006, Dibinga’s program, Rhyme Space on Flava channel204, will feature socially responsible topics, such the politics of hip hop in the U.S. and within the continent of African; violence and misogyny as it relates to hip hop, and other topics that are central to urban music and the various musical genres it comprises.

“We’re extremely delighted that Omekongo Dibinga is joining WORLDSPACE’S on-air talent roster to help us create a sense of hip hop community across the globe,” said WORLDSPACE’S Shawna Oduor, Flava’s programming director. “Omekongo Dibinga not only possesses a unique cultural background that resonates with African, African American and other audiences, but he’s enormously committed to delivering our subscribers exceptional and socially responsible prose, lyrics and music. We’re certain that our listeners will find Rhyme Space to be poignant, entertaining and entirely expressive of all things hip hop.”

In addition to hip hop, Flava also features other urban international genres such as Bhangra, Reggaetone, Dancehall and Kwaito music. The channel gives subscribers exclusive access to live call-in shows and special celebrity appearances from leading artists such as Kanye West, Juggy D, Rishie Rich, Panjabi MC, Missy Elliot, Mandoza, Dizzee Rascal, Don Omar, Bow Wow, Daddy Yankee, Daara J, Estelle, M.I.A. and Jay-Z.

“Joining WORLDSPACE’S Flava as an on-air commentator is an incredible opportunity that enables me to reach listeners around the globe,” said Omekongo Dibinga. “I can share my passion for poetry and music with diverse, people of all backgrounds, regardless of the languages they speak or the countries where they live,” said Omekongo Dibinga.

About Omekongo Dibinga
Omekongo Dibinga is an activist, educator, spoken word artist and the founder and CEO of Free Your Mind Publishing in Boston, MA. Omekongo is a first generation Congolese-American who writes and performs poetry in English, French and Swahili. He has occasionally used Wolof in his writings. In addition to his new rap CD: Bootleg, he has released two spoken word CDs: A Young Black Man's Anthem: Love, Afrika and Revolution Revisited; and Signs of the Time. Omekongo is the recipient of the 2003 Cambridge Poetry Award for best CD. His first book, From the Limbs of My Poetree, was released in November 2004. His second book, an anthology of middle school students titled, Poems from the Future: Poetic Reflections from the Next Generation, was released in August 2005. For more information, please visit www.omekongo.com.

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