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Hip Hop Street Credentials DVD Gets Love from the #1 Hater on the #1 Radio Program in the #1 Market

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Hip Hop Street Credentials Insomniac DVD Both Thought Provoking & Gritty.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 4, 2006 -- Israel Vasquetelle and Tony Samuel, the producers of the new DVD "Hip Hop Street Credentials," were recently invited by New York’s #1 morning radio program, The Star and Buc Wild Show, to appear and speak about the upcoming Insomniac DVD Vol. 1 documentary. Star, who is known by many as "The Number One Hater" gave the film rave reviews after seeing an advance screener; stating, "this is very, very good!" Star continued to praise the film by emphatically stating that Street Credentials is “a great addition to the Hip Hop culture.” Coming from the "The Number One Hater," this is a powerful endorsement from a New York’s #1 rated morning radio show that is syndicated to 14 markets every morning from 6am to 10am. Over five million listeners tune in every morning to hear the truth as Star sees it. The Star and Buc Wild Show is the only New York City morning show to have ever beaten Howard Stern in the ratings.

Recently “Street Credentials” had a very successful screening at Texas State University as part of their Hip Hop Celebration Week; which also featured a visit from Spike Lee the following day. Invited guest, Director/Co-Producer, Israel Vasquetelle (Iz-Real), conducted a lively Q&A discussion after the screening that lasted well over an hour.

Street Credentials continues to get great feedback and acclaim from those who have seen it including AllHipHop.com co-founder who states, “For the uninformed, it will serve as a punch to the gut…the education is there. To those that love Hip-Hop it will act as an affirmation of that love and also gives strength.”

"Street Credentials" delivers intellectual Hip Hop content and still maintains its street credebility. It’s an up-close and personal look into the underground Hip Hop scene directly from some of the most unique and diverse personalities in the industry today. From Hip Hop’s most outrageous icon, Kool Keith (Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Mr. Nogatco); to the multifaceted and introspective recording artist, spoken word poet, and movie actor, Saul Williams (Slam, K-PAX); to underground superstar Aesop Rock, they’re here.

Street Credentials pulls no punches while serving up hard insight into the industry, culture and the careers of some of the most interesting people within the genre. Enter the world of Harlem’s Immortal Technique, Hip Hop’s most dangerous Emcee. Get insight into the history of New York City’s Mixtape game with veteran DJ Silva Sir-Fa. Check out the inside track on running an independent record label from KutMasta Kurt (producer of remixes for Linkin Park and The Beastie Boys). O.G., street basketball legend, and former MTV reality host, Pee Wee Kirkland breaks down his take on the state of the rap industry. While on the streets of Brooklyn, freestyle champ Poison Pen reveals the life of a battle emcee.

Featuring commentary from Hip Hop scholar and long time radio talk host, producer, college lecturer and publisher, Iz-Real, this is a look at Hip Hop from a purist, independent and entrepreneurial angle. This DVD release continues the decade-long Insomniac tradition of revealing the true and many times unheard ideologies about success, obstacles, and life within the Hip Hop music industry directly from personalities that have all earned their Hip Hop Street Credentials.

Loaded with over 3 1/2 hours of footage, including the Street Credentials documentary, feature-length artist interview, featurettes, a visit to youth detention center with director Iz-Real, and more.

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