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KT Tunstall: From Scotland to the World!

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Kate “KT” Tunstall is a great singer and songwriter from Fife, Scotland.  She was born in 1975.   Kate relies on a great cultural diversity since her mother has Chinese heritage and her father has Irish descendants.  However, Kate was raised by adoptive parents, who were scientists that did not have TV because it could interfere with the hearing aid her adoptive brothers had.  Her nickname “KT” comes from the fact that, when she studied at the University of London, she made a performance under the name “Katie".  Tunstall’s style combines folk and pop genres.

When KT Tunstall was in her twenties, she used to play for independents bands such as Tomoko and Elia Drew.  However, she was always committed to songwriting.  In fact, another facet of her corresponds to the fact that she has written and played music for TV shows for children.  Tunstall’s debut album was called Eye to the Telescope and was a complete success in the charts of the United Kingdom.  In the United States, her album was released on February 7, 2006.  However the disc was nominated for the 2005 Mercury Music Prize.

Among KT’s plans, she comprises the option of recording another album for 2006.  Many people, homosexual people mainly, are very concerned about her sexual preference since some of her lyrics may reveal so.  Nonetheless, she has always claimed that she is straight.  Last January, she was nominated for three important awards, which are Best British Female Solo Artist, Best British Breakthrough Act and Best British Live Act.  From them, Tunstall won the Best British Solo Artist.  Thus, KT Tunstall’s fans are sure about continuing being provided with excellent, particular music from this Scottish woman.

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