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Jessica Simpson: A Famous Blonde!

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Jessica Ann Simpson, best known as Jessica Simpson, was born in Abilene, Texas in 1980.  However, she spent her childhood in Dallas.  Jessica is the sister of Ashlee Simpson, who also started her artistic career in 2004.  She is one of the most important examples of pop artists.  She started at a very young age.  In fact, it can be said that she began being famed during the 90s.  Thus, when she was only 12 years old, she sang in the choir of the Church they went.  Also around that time, Jessica applied for The New Mickey Mouse Club unsuccessfully.

On October 26, 2006, Jessica Simpson got married to Nick Lachey.  So, during the 2003’s summer, they created a reality show called Newlyweds.  Many people consider this reality show as a boom that made her succeed as never before.  Nevertheless, with their ignorant behavior, Jessica joined the group of dumb blondes, but at least she got more famous than ever.

So far, Jessica has released six different albums, including Sweet Kisses (1999), Irresistible (2001), This is the Remix (2002), which is a compilation album, In This Skin (2003), which went three times platinum and sold around 3 million copies and Rejoyce: The Christmas Album (2004), which is also a compilation album.  For this year, she will launch And The Band Played On.  Furthermore, she made a song for a soundtrack called “These Boots Are Made for Walkin” in 2006.  This song is included in the album The Dukes of Hazzard Original Soundtrack.  Hence, it is for sure that, for whichever reason, she is a famous pop singer!

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