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Nick Lachey: An Uncertain Situation!

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Nick Lachey, whose real name is Nicholas Scott Lachey, was born on November 9, 1973 in Kentucky.  This pop singer is son of German American parents.  In the middle 90’s, Nick Lachey got to be famous as a writer, but some time after, he became a member of the boyband called 98 Degrees.  Nick Lachey’s brother Drew Lachey and his classmate Justin Jeffre were also part of this group.  When he was studying at Miami University located in Ohio, he realized about his passion for having an artistic career.  So, he auditioned in Hollywood in conjunction with his brother and his classmate.

In 2002, Nick Lachey, after 4 years of dating, married a famed pop figure: Jessica Simpson.  Together, they created a reality show named Newlyweds in which they are seen in their normal lives.  In spite of the fact that the TV program has been successful, their career as singers has not.  Jessica’s Irresistible and In This Skin albums have not been well-accepted and Nick is not the 98 Degrees’ Nick anymore.

Nevertheless, on November 11th, 2003, Nick Lachey launched the album SoulO as the debut of his solo career.  This album has been rated really poorly and has sold really few copies.  However, he has recently argued that, at the same time he was in Newlyweds, he had been filming his own reality show. In addition, it has been evidenced that this coming May 9th, he is releasing his album “What’s Left of Me”, which is from his Jive Records label.  So, let’s see what is going to happen with this project that is planned to be successful.

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