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Kanye West: A King

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Kanye Omari West is a rapper and an American hip-hop producer that was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8th, 1977.  These days, he is living in Hoboken, New Jersey.  When he was young, he attended the International Academy of Art and Designing and Technology, which is a small art school located in Chicago.  Afterwards, we went to Chicago State University.  However, he did not graduate since he dropped in order to start his career as a musician.  In fact, he worked hard on his solo album but releasing it was pushed back several times.

Thus, West become very famous to producing great hits for well-known artists such as Jay-Z, Brandy, Dilated Peoples, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Talib Kweli and Ludacris.  Last year, Kanye West launched his sophomore album titled Late Registration, which sold more than 904,000 copies only during the first week.  Another facet of Kanye West has to do with the fact that he founded “GOOD Music”, meaning “Getting Out Our Dreams.”

In addition, he was nominated eight times for the 2006 Grammy Awards for many categories, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best R&B Song.  The three awards he won were Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Solo Performance.  Hence, there is no doubt about the fact that Kanye West is one of the most well-known figures within pop field.

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