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The All-American Rejects: Getting Bigger!

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The All-American Rejects is the name of a power pop band created in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  In the late 1990s, the band started their artistic career when they performed their first concert at Stillwater Elementary School in Oklahoma.  The band was made up by Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler, who met at a party, and Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor, who, in 2002, joined the group.  That same year, The All-American Rejects launched their first independent disc.  In fact, they provoked a great impact, which gave them a significant fanbase.

One year later, in the summer, they launched an EP titled Same Girl, New Songs.  For this matter, when went on a tour, that at the end, resulted in the sign of a contract with Doghouse Records.  Thus, on October 15, 2002, The All-American Rejects recorded their international debut album, which was self-titled.  Actually, the fact that the release of this album made them extremely famous has provoked that some people consider them as a one-hit wonder.

Last year, on July 12th, The All-American Rejects launched their new album called Move Along.  This disc comprises the successful single “Dirty Little Secret".  In addition, the second released song of this album is titled the same as the album and was released last January.  After the video of the single was premiered, the song reached #1, a position that they kept for many days in a row, evidencing a great acceptance.  Thus, The All-American Rejects does not seem to be stopping soon.

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