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Sheryl Crow: A Queen!

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Sheryl Suzanne Crow, best known as Sheryl Crow, was born on February 11th, 1962 in Kennett, Missouri.  She is an extremely famous American blues rock guitarist, singer, bassists and songwriter. Sheryl’s talent is, without a doubt, inherited from her parents since they were both members of an important local band.  Her father, who was an attorney, played the trumpet.  In addition, at home, she and her family had three pianos due to the fact that music was a family matter.  In 1984, she graduated from the major of music education at the University of Missouri, where Brad Pitt also studied.

Later on, she became a music teacher in an elementary school; however, she was always playing in bands on weekends.  Also, she started working with jingles, including McDonald’s’ and Toyota’s.  So, she moved to Los Angeles in search of an opportunity to build her musical career, and after lots of obstacles, she could get to be a backup vocalist.  Thus, she was chosen to be a backup vocalist for Michael Jackson and Don Henley.  In 1990, she appeared for the first time in Saturday Night Live singing back up.

Hence, after much progress and having gotten some fame, she launched her debut album called Tuesday Night Music Club, which allowed her to appear in the New Faces section of the Rolling Stone magazine in 1993.  This disc was responsible for the fact that Sheryl Crow won lots of Grammy Awards in 1994.  Two years later, she released a self-titled album, for which she was nominated to a Grammy Award.  In 1998, she launched her third album titled The Globe Sessions.  For this album, she won three Grammy Awards.  In 2002, she released C’mon, C’mon, which was more pop-oriented, but a Grammy winner too.  Three years ago, Sheryl Crow launched a really successful compilation which was called The Very Best of Sheryl Crow.

Moreover, Sheryl Crow had a relationship with Lance Armstrong, whom she met at the end of 2003.  However, it is believed that they already broke-up.  Last year, she launched her album Wildflower, which made Crow be nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album Grammy Award.  Unfortunately, Sheryl Crow has recently been diagnosed with breast-cancer this year.  However, it is still an early-stage cancer, so there are great opportunities for a full recovery.

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