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Natasha Bedingfield: Successful & Special Music

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Natasha Bedingfield was born on November 26, 1981 in Sussex.  Nevertheless, she was raised in Lewisham.  Natasha, whose parents are from New Zealand and who is Daniel Bedingfield’s sister, is a great British pop singer.  When she was just a teenager, Natasha, Daniel and another sister created a Christian band called The DNA Algorithm.  After high-school, she decided to go to the university instead of attending an art college due to the fact that she was more interested on the emotional approach of a major.  For this reason, she decided to study Psychology.

Signed by the label Phonogenic Records, Natasha Bedingfield launched her debut album titled Unwritten, with which she reached #1 in the United Kingdom.  In this way, she became the 3rd solo singer in having a #1 debut album in that place.  In addition, Natasha and Daniel, her brother, entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the only couple of siblings in having solo #1s in the charts in the UK.

Natasha Bedingfield’s debut album, Unwritten, has gone triple Platinum in the United States after selling more than 900,000 copies and Gold since it sold 491,394 copies.  Among Natasha’s singles that have been very successful comprise “Single”, “These Words”, “Unwritten”, “I Bruise Easily” and “The One that Got Away.”  Hence, Natasha Bedingfield will continue, for sure, conferring her fans their possibility of enjoying not only great but also intelligent music.

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