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Big Boi Presents Got Purp? Vol. II

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Got Purp? Vol. II is the first album released under the record label Purple Ribbon controlled by Big Boi, who was a former member of the duo OutKast and currently is a hip-hop artist and producer. In this album, Big Boi is free to explore the different musical styles and genres that influenced him even before OutKast. R&B, funk and hip-hop come together in this album that, in spite of being compared with the first releases of OutKast, has its own sound. Got Purp? Vol. II also counted on the collaboration of renowned artists: Bubba Sparxxx, members of the Goodie Mob and Killer Mike.

Got Purp? Vol. II includes 27 singles. Thirteen are of Big Boi Presents Got Purp Vol. II: the intro, “Kryptolude”, “Campbellton Road”, “Purple Ribbon”, “Papa Doc”, “Mayonnaise Mouth”, “Fonzworth”, “Konkrete”, “Outro”and four bonus tracks. Killer Mike participated with the singles “Dungeon Family Dedication”, “Body Rock” and “My Chrome”. Other singles that are also encompassed in this album are “Kryptonite” (Various artists), “Me, My Baby And My Cadillac” (Sleepy Brown), “U Got Me!!!” and “What Is This?” (Scar), “Claremont Lounge” (Bubba Sparxxx), “Time Will Reveal” (Janelle Monae), “Hold On” (Goodie Mob), “808” (Big Boi), “Sh** Ya Drawers” and “Lovin' This” (Konkrete), and “Lettin' Go” (Janelle Monae).

Regarding Big Boi, whose real name is Antwan André Patton, was born in Savannah, Geogia in 1975. Big Boi had been always interested in hip-hop music, and in the late 80’s, after meeting André Benjamin, they joined in a duo called OutKast. Big Boi’s style is characterized by rapid delivery and complex rhythms.

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