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Monster Ballads: Platinum Edition

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Monster Ballads is a compilation that gathers the best rock ballads ever performed. Rock ballads refer to that genre of singles that explored themes of love, need, desire and loss. Rock or power ballads were common elements of arena and hard rock as well as heavy metal during the 70’s and 80’s. Monster Ballads is the proof that rock stars can be in contact with their sensitive sides and remain being profitable. The platinum edition of this release consists of 2 CDs and 32 singles.

This is certainly the best compilation of rock ballads since it has the most representative hits within this genre. CD 1 has sixteen singles: Warrant’s “Heaven”, Skid Row’s “I Remember You”, White Lion’s “When The Children Cry”, Winger’s “Headed For A Heartbreak”, Damn Yankees’ “High Enough”, Firehouse’s “Love Of A Lifetime”, Mr. Big’s “To Be With You”, Kix’ “Don't Close Your Eyes”, Bad English’ “When I See You Smile”, Europe’s “Carrie”, Enuff Znuff’s “Fly High Michelle”, Saigon Kick’s “Love Is On The Way”, Cheap Trick’s “The Flame”, Faster Pussycat’s “House of Pain”, Winger’s “Miles Away”, Bad Company’s “If You Needed Somebody”.

Sixteen more songs are included in the second CD: “Every Rose Has It's Thorn” (Poison), “Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone” (Cinderella), “Fly To The Angels” (Slaughter), “Silent Lucidity” (Queensryche), “Love Song” (Tesla), “Is This Love” (Whitesnake), “Forever” (Kiss), “I'll Never Let You Go” (Steelheart), “Only Time Will Tell”(Nelson), “Winds of Change” (Scorpions), “Angel Song” (Great White), “I'll See You In My Dreams” (Giant), “More Than Words” (Extreme), “When I'm With You”(Sheriff), “Ballad Of Jayne” (L.A. Guns) and “Honestly” (Stryper). Never before a combination of this kind was that good!

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