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Sub Pop 200: Rock Flowing through Your Veins!

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Sub Pop is a compilation under the label Sub Pop and produced by Bruce Calder, Jack Endino, Steve Fisk and Chris Hanzsek which includes 20 singles of significant bands belonging to the Alternative rock subgenre. Released in 1988, Sub Pop 200 includes singles that had not been released before it. Moreover, most of the bands who participated became some of the most popular and influential bands during the early 90’s. What is more, several remain being influential and prominent in the current music industry.

In Sub Pop, you will find Tad’s "Sex God Missy", The Fluid’s "Is It Day I'm Seeing?", Nirvana’s "Spank Thru", Steven J. Bernstein’s "Come Out Tonight", Mudhoney’s "The Rose", The Walkabouts’s "Got No Chains", Terry Lee Hale’s "Dead Is Dead", Soundgarden’s "Sub Pop Rock City", Green River’s "Hangin' Tree", Fastbacks’ "Swallow My Pride", Blood Circus’ "The Outback", Swallow’s "Zoo", Chemistry Set’s "Underground", Girl Trouble’s "Gonna Find A Cave", The Nights And Days’ "Split", Cat Butt’s "Big Cigar", Beat Happening’s "Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive", Screaming Trees’ "Love Or Confusion", Steve Fisk’s "Untitled", The Thrown Ups’ "You Lost It".

Sub Pop 200 is greatly influenced by the grunge movement that took place in Seattle in the late 80’s. In Fact, Sub Pop is a record label established in Seattle, Washington. They not only signed famous bands such as Soundgarden and Nirvana but also helped popularize grunge music.

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