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Wings: The Paul McCartney’s Legacy

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Wings was a rock music band led by the ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. It was very successful during the 70’s. After the dissolution of the famous band The Beatles, Paul decided to start his solo career but it was not successful. It was 1971 when Denny Seiwell (who was a drummer) and Denny Laine (ex-guitarist and vocalist of the Moody Blues) met Paul and Linda McCartney and decided to help Paul to record his third post Beatle album. That album was entitled “Wild Life”, the first record of the new band Wings.

By 1972, Paul decided back to touring in the UK with the new group around universities and little venues. They reached some hit singles like “Give Ireland Back to the Irish”, “Hi Hi Hi” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, however those songs were banned by the BBC for alleged polemic topics as drugs and political stances and others. In 1973, the band got a new member, the guitarist Henry McCullough (ex Spooky) who helped to release the second disc of Wings named “Red Rose Speedway” that contains the first hit single named “My Love”. In the same year the Wings also wrote a song for the soundtrack of the movie “James Bond: Live and Let Die”.

After the releasing of that album Seiwell and McCullough left the band. After that the McCartneys and Laine decided to record their next record called “Band of the Run”. The disc was really successful and after its releasing Jimmy McCullough and Geoff Britton joined the group. The new group released the album “Venus and Mars” in 1975 and one year later “Wings at the Speed of Sound”. Those discs reached high positions in different charts around the world. Britton left the band and was substituted by Joe English.

With the new drummer, Wings released the record “Wings Over America” that includes a tour through Australia. In 1977 English and McCullough died and in 1978 the McCartneys and Laine released “London Town” which was a commercial success. After that the Wings released three more discs (“Wings Greatest”, “Back to the Egg” and “Concerts for the People of Kampuchea”).

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