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The Great Success of Billy Paul

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No matter where Billy Paul has to give a show, he is not going to change his way of performing and behaving because his main goal is to reach as many people as possible with his music. He was a twelve-year old boy when he started his singing career with some appearances on local radio shows.

The abilities to develop a vocal style were easily developed by listening to family’s collection of 78’s at home. Then, this would be useful to incorporate traces of Jazz, R&B and Pop. Indeed, his passion for music far extends to family influence because his mother was constantly buying and colleting records from ‘Jazz At The Philharmonic Hall’ to Nat King Cole. Besides, he was willing to discover his inner technical skills. In order to get formal training, Billy went to Temple University, West Philadelphia Music School, and Granoff Music School.

Billy did not have to wait too long to get national recognition for having more than one music style such as rock and pop ballads. As a result, he appeared in concert with artists like Dinah Washington, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Charlie Parker, Sammy Davis, Roberta Flack and the Impressions. Billy’s most successful single was “Me And Mrs. Jones,” which sold over two million copies, thus thousands of couples in love would name Billy. Thanks to the single. “Me And Mrs. Jones,” Billy won the coveted Grammy Award as well as multiple Ebby awards, the American Music Award, the NAACP Image Award and diverse keys and proclamations to cities across the United States. Besides his hits, his international tours have been simply fascinating among audiences in countries such as Latin American, South America and the United Kingdom.

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