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The Guess Who: Can You Guess Who They Are?

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The Guess Who is a Canadian rock group originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They were one of the first Canadian bands that established their success in their own country and also in other countries during the 60’s and the 70’s. They were also the first Canadian rock band to have a number one hit in the US. These guys started as a local band in Winnipeg in 1962, they started under the name “Chad Allen and the Reflections”. In 1965 Chad left the group and was replaced by the keyboarder and singer Burton Cummings.

For those times the band was signed to Quality Records and released their first single hit named “Shakin’ All Over” that reached the number one position in the Canadian charts and number 22 in the US charts. Suddenly the band changed to their actual name ‘The Guess Who” when some American radio stations refused to play their music because they were Canadian. The album “Shakin’ All Over” sold more than 2 million copies. By 1970 the band released their second album entitled “American Woman” that contains the song with the same title and was the only number one hit in the US.

After that one of the members (Randy Bachman) left the band and was replaced by two guitarists, Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw. Winter became as the main songwriting of the band. In 1972 The Guess Who releases their more successful album called “Live at the Paramount” which was recorded in a concert in Seattle. After that they toured through Australia, Japan and New Zealand. The band broke up in 1975.

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