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Gilbert O'Sullivan and His Story

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Knowing how Gilbert O’Sullivan began his artistic career may interest you if you love his music. Since he was a little child, he started developing his skills in music and art. By 1963, O’Sullivan wrote his first song, “Ready Miss Steady.” In 1967, he signed a five year contract with CBS; however, he soon changed to MAM Records due to the low quality of singles with CBS.

The major success for O’Sullivan is when “Nothing Rhymed” reached the first top 10 hits. As a result of this phenomenon, a dozen more hit singles were incorporated, ten of which achieved the UK Top 10, including four Top 5 albums such as Back To Front, I’m A Writer Not A Fighter, Himself, and A Stranger In My Own Back Yard. Another great achievement is to be recognized internationally because of his self-morose ballad, “Alone Again (Naturally)" from his album Himself, thus becoming a chart-topper and having six weeks at No.1 on the Billboard.

Besides, O’Sullivan released two UK chart toppers with the songs “Chair” and “Get Down,” which also entered into the U.S. Top 10. Unfortunately, not everything was as beautiful as O’Sullivan thought because he figured out that the label’s owner of MAM Records was greatly getting most of the benefits from his albums. For this reason, he had to take a temporal break in order to solve this legal problem. O’Sullivan returned with a new contract with CBS that allows him to reach top twenty spot in the UK with his single “What’s In A Kiss.”  Even though O’Sullivan does not have much fame nowadays, he still enjoys some success in Japan.

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