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Three Dog Night: Barking the Music

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Three Dog Night is a rock and roll group from the US which played music among the years 1968 to 1975. During those years they released several discs and achieved 3 number one singles “Joy to the World”, “Mama Told Me Not to Come” and “Black and White”. They also received the gold status for the album “One” (released in 1969) which was followed by “Easy To Be Heard”. The founding members of the band were: Chuck Negron who was vocalist, Danny Hutton, vocalist too, Cory Wells also singer, Floyd Sneed playing the drums, Michael Allsup the guitarist, the bassist Joe Schermie and Jimmy Greensponn who played the keyboards.

The producer of the band was the producer, instrumentalist, songwriter and singer of the “Beach Boys”, Brian Wilson. The guys of the band said that the name of the group is due to a group of Australian aborigines that slept with their dogs for warmth on cold nights. During its career the Three Dog Night released eighteen records, fourteen of them won the gold status and reached 21 Billboard Top 40 hit songs. They sold more than 40 million copies with the recording company “Dunhill”.

In 1973 Schermie left the band and was substituted by Jack Ryland and they also introduced another keyboardist named Skip Konte. Nevertheless, the Three Dog Night was dissolved in 1975. They returned during the 80’s and currently they are still touring in the US. Allsup, Hutton and Wells are still in the group and there are two new members, Paul Kingery (bass and singer) and Pat Bautz (drummer).

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