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Helen Reddy: A Talented Singer and Actress

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Helen Reddy entered into the music industry when she was a little girl. She comes from a well-known Australian business family, and once she moved to the United States, she signed a contract with Capitol Records. The release of her single, “I Am A Woman,” was first number one record, which gave her the opportunity to win a Grammy Award for her performance and this song is officially known as the anthem for the feminist movement.

Some of the top ten singles include “Leave Me Alone,” “Angie Baby,” “Delta Dawn” and "You And Me Against The World” on gold and platinum selling albums allowing her to have an international multi-media career. Thousands of fans have felt attracted toward her television specials in more than forty countries and her leading role in the Disney film, “Pete’s Dragon.”

Having strong basis on musical area, Helen decided to continue her theatrical roots with starring roles in productions of The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Call Me Madam, and Anything Goes. The success of Helen does not limit to theatrical performances, but it extends to concerts and appearances with symphony orchestras. By 2000, she launched her first Christmas collection due to an arrangement with The Home Shopping Network.

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