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Village People: Disguised Music on the Scenery

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The Village People were a disco group that was formed during the late 70’s. They were widely recognized for the costumes that the members of the band used on the sceneries. They always used the same costumes, an American Indian, a soldier, a construction worker, a police officer, a biker and a cowboy. The Village People were also recognized for their evocative lyrics. The group was created in 1977 by Henri Belolo and Jacques Morali; they created the music style of the band, the costumes and the songs. Even when they were from France, all the songs were in English.

The name of the band makes allusion to a known gay area of NYC (Greenwich Village). Belolo and Morali decided to give this name to the band to create a representation of American men that represent the gay men of the Village who usually dressed in several fantasy ways. One of their hit singles is the song “In the Navy”. In fact the US Navy contacted Belolo and asked the permission to use this theme on a TV and radio campaign and they helped the group to film the video of the song in the Naval Base of San Diego, CA.

Other of their hit songs are “Macho Man”, “Go West” and (maybe the most famous) “YMCA” that has a particular dance style that is still seen in parties, summer camps, sporting events and other activities. The Village People members also participated in the film directed by Nancy Walker, “Can’t Stop the Music”. The movie was not successful at all. Actually, it won the prize for the “Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay” of the Raspberry Awards in 1980 and 1981.

The Village People have also composed songs for other purposes. They wrote the official song of the German national soccer team called “Far Away in America”. They have also appeared in animated series such as “Reboot”. In 2006 they will be the main attraction during an act at Asbury Park’s famous GayPride parade and festival.

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