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The Amazing Talent of Clint Holmes

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To know what is going to happen when Clint Holmes is on stage; it is unpredictable since he usually does something extraordinary or unusual to keep the audience’s attention. In the same way, his powerful voice captivates the heart of many fans.

His musical talent flows through his veins because his father is an African-American jazz musician and his mother is a British opera singer. At the age of eight years old, his mother taught him classic vocal techniques at home, meantime his father showed him how to scat-sing in the jazz clubs. Thus, Clint learned from their parents the art of music through two different points of view.

The great opportunity of Clint to demonstrate his talent was when he performs, interviews guests, and interacts with his audience in a TV show for celebrities at “New York at Night.”  Clint’s numerous appearances on network TV programs include “Miss America Pageants,” “The People’s Choice Awards,” the "Emmy Awards,” and “The Parade of Stars.” From his most recent album, he explores his multiple sides as singer with songs like “Shouldn’t It Be Easy By Now” and “I Know What I Need.”

Holmes, the charismatic and multi-talented singer, is considered the Atlantic City’s Entertainer of the Year three times. Some of the events wherein he has participated are to be the featured performer at the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden, to appear at The White House performing for President and Mrs. Bush and Vice President and Mrs.Quayle at “The National Literacy Honors.” Recently, he received the award as “Best Singer” in Las Vegas.


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