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The Sad Story of The Carpenters

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Would you like to know about the life of The Carpenters? Here you will discover how they began their musical careers. The siblings, Richard and Karen, sing together their selected tunes. At twelve years old, Richard excelled at playing piano, while Karen developed progressively her skill for playing the drums. With the help of a friend, the Carpenters won a ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition at the Hollywood Bowl.

In 1969, they released their first album, ‘Offering’ and, the first single entitled "Ticket To Ride", was released from it the following year. From the single, "Close To You", the duo would create a name for themselves. Meanwhile their songs were a real success among the public, they took advantage of it while touring worldwide to promote their album and appearing on their own TV program, ‘Make Your Own Kind Of Music.’ Besides, they performed at the White House in 1974.

Although their career was very successful, it is not possible to say the same regarding their personal lives since Richard was addicted to sleeping tablets and Karen was suffering from the eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, for several years. Unfortunately, matters were even worse when she collapsed in the middle of a concert in Las Vegas, so that she was hospitalized for treating her. By 1979, Richard decided to receive rehabilitation, while Karen’s disease had dominated her, and her mother found her dead. These days, Richard continues writing, producing and touring. This is the story of a duo that once saw the sunlight and now it is only a memory of what would have been the future of two teens.  

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