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Edwin Starr: Music of the Soul

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Edwin Starr was a soul music singer; he was born on January 21st, 1942 and died on April 3rd, 2003. Starr was widely recognized during the 70’s for his Norman Whitfield produced Motown songs which some like “War” were number one in different music charts of that epoch. Edwin began his career in 1957 when he created a doo-wop band called “The Future Tones”. For those times (the 60’s) he recorded his songs with the recording company Ric Tic and some years later with Motown in 1968.

The song that made him recognized was “Agent Double'O'Soul” that was released in 1965 and that was used in the soundtrack of the movie “James Bond”. During the next three years he recorded more songs and then he had an international chart topper with the single “25 Miles”. This song can be heard yet in old music radio stations.

The best single of Starr during his career was the song “War” which was a song with a message of protest against the war in Vietnam. Then he wrote another song named “Stop the War Now”, very similar to the other but less successful. In 1973, Edwin moved to England where he continued recording music. One of the better songs that he wrote while he was there was “Hell Up In Harlem”.

Edwin worked with many different recording companies during the late 70’s and early 80’s. In 1985 (during the disco boom) he released the song “It Ain’t Fair” but it was not successful. By 1988 he wrote the single “Whatever Makes Our Love Grow” which was a single hit for the night clubs and in 1990 he featured on the song made by the Brit Awards that reached the position number two in the UK charts.

Edwin Starr died due to a heart attack in his house located in Beeston, England at the age of 61.

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