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AceShowbiz's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz in March 2006

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AceShowbiz.com has published the March 2006 edition of its Celebrity Buzz including the Top 10 movers/shakers.

(PRWEB) April 9, 2006 -- AceShowbiz.com has published the March 2006 edition of its Celebrity Buzz, the Top 100 most popular celebrity search counting from readers search keywords and number of celebrity page views.


Placed at the leading position is T.I., the Georgia-based rapper who has been rapping since nine years old. It makes sense, in fact, considering that he has had his fourth album “King” released in March then had his film debut “ATL” hit theater at the end of the month.

Come next on the runner up position is Lil’ Kim, while in the second runner up position is Channing Tatum, the Alabama model and actor whose flick “She’s The Man” has been released in March. As for the next is Maddox’s mother, Angelina Jolie, who’s been the talk of the town concerning her wedding report to Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt. Below is the complete list of the Top 25 Celebrity Buzz in March 2006 :

1.     T.I.
2.     Lil’ Kim
3.     Channing Tatum
4.     Angelina Jolie
5.     Vida Guerra
6.     Elena Anaya
7.     Chris Brown
8.     The Pussycat Dolls
9.     Lindsay Lohan
10.     Il Divo
11.     Scarlett Johansson
12.     Daniel Radcliffe
13.     Christina Milian
14.     Fall Out Boy
15.     Rihanna
16.     Birdman
17.     Chamillionaire
18.     Alessandra Ambrosio
19.     Carmen Electra
20.     Carrie Underwood
21.     Chad Michael Murray
22.     Will Smith
23.     Adriana Lima
24.     Lil’ Romeo
25.     Oliver James

Despite her becoming on the 9th position, Lindsay Lohan has been the most mover/shaker of the Buzz. The teen actress, who is reported to replace Gisele Bundchen as the new face of Louis Vuitton, bounces as high as 75 position from last February’s 84 to gloriously entering the Buzz’s Top 10.

Looking upon the Celebrity Buzz list, it is obvious that the Top 10 movers/shakers are Lindsay Lohan (+75), Oprah Winfrey (-48), James Franco (-42), Heidi Klum (-41), Will Ferrell (+40), Rachel Hurd-Wood (-38), Edward Furlong (-31), Cillian Murphy (+29), Emma Watson (+29) and Chamillionaire (+28).

(Please note that “+” means going up position whereas “-“ means going down position)

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