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Brewer & Shipley

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Brewer & Shipley were one of the best folk rock band followers of Simon & Garfunkel during the 1970s. Consisting of Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley, the duo composed and performed intricate guitar work, wonderful lyrics, and stunning harmonies.

“One Toke over the Line”, one of their biggest hits, was from their album “Tarkio”, the band’s best selling release. Other singles also reached great success and climbed up the Billboard charts, such as “Shake off the Demon”, and “Tarkio Road”. Their songwriting involves themes of anti-war sentiments and occasionally addresses themes about drug use.

Brewer and Shipley were both from the Midwest and met each other several times at various coffeehouse gigs until they settled in Los Angeles, California, where they released their first album with A&M Records, Down in L.A. (1968). Shortly after that, the group recorded Weeds (1969), their second album, but with a different label, Kama Sutra Records. Their following 3 albums were with the same label, namely “Tarkio” (1970), “Shake off the Demon” (1971), and “Rural Space” (1972). Their last two albums were ST-11621 (1974) and Welcome to Riddle Bridge (1976), both on Capitol Records.

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