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Anita Baker: Twice Better! Twice Sweet!

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Her excellent voice has led Anita Baker into a position in which many artists would like to be; she is a distinguished soul, R&B singer. Baker was born in Ohio, January 26, 1958. However, Baker was raised in Detroit; when she was very young she started to sing at the local Baptist church choir. As a teenager, she joined a band called Humanity. This band was formed by several school mates. While she was part of this group, she met David Washington, who encouraged her to participate in an audition for Chapter 8.

So in 1975, she joined this group, which was one of the most important bands in Detroit. She sang two hit singles: “Ready for Your Love” and “I Just Wanna Be Your Girl". After this brilliant appearance, she left the scenarios for a few years; the recording company she had a contract with, Arista, disappeared, so she decided to settle down and got a good job in Detroit.

A few years later, in 1981, one of the former managers for Chapter 8 structured a new company label, called Beverly Glen. He always had Anita’s voice in his mind, so he looked for her number and called her. At first, Baker’s answer was negative because of her fulltime job and stability; however, she felt she could do with it and decided to sign with this label.

She worked very hard and released her re-introduction to the world of music; this album was called “The Songstress”. This album contains songs with her particular, own style, and a mixture of gospel and jazz. Two singles “Angel” and “No More Tears” caught the attention of R&B devotees, so she started her way towards the highest point of her professional career. Her second album, “Rapture” was considered as a masterpiece; she actually wrote the songs “Been So Long” and “Watch your Step”. Anita Baker won two Grammy awards and sold six million copies of this album.

In total, Anita Baker has released ten albums; all of them contain her unmistakable voice and the sweetness of her talent immersed. If you are an enthusiast of jazz music, and Anita’s songs in particular, no doubt you will love knowing more about her complete discography and discover the gifts she has been granted.

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