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Jimmy Wayne

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Jimmy Wayne was born in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, on October 23, 1972. When he was still a toddler, he was abandoned by his father. His early years were spent along with his sister, going back and forth from their mother to the homes of other families to foster homes. While they were in their mother’s custody they moved frequently for reasons difficult to understand for Jimmy. Jimmy’s mother loved music, especially country music and rockers like Bob Seger, but not only did she listen to music but sang too. As his mother, Jimmy sang in church on Sunday mornings. By the time he was 12, his mother was in prison and he had to live with his grandfather. With the incarceration of his mother, Jimmy started writing as a form of therapy to deal with hard times. When he was 13, he survived a murder attempt by his step father who also shot his sister-in-law paralyzing her.

By the time Jimmy was 16, he had dropped out of school and was living on the streets until he was hired by an elderly couple to do some work around their house. The couple eventually invited Jimmy to move in with them, which resulted in Wayne going back to school. After the couple died, he finished high school and worked as a prison guard at the Gaston Correctional Facility while studying criminal justice at a local community college. After getting his degree he left North Carolina and headed to Nashville.

While he polished his skills as a musician, Wayne worked at Acuff-Rose writing songs alongside Dean Dillon and Whitey Shafer. He even co-wrote Tracy Byrd’s Top Ten hit “Put Your Hand in Mine". Jimmy signed with DreamWorks Nashville in 2001. Two years later he released his debut album that featured the Top Ten single “Stay Gone”. Following singles “Paper Angels” and “Blue and Brown” reflect Jimmy’s past experiences. 

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