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The Eagles: The Wings of the Music

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The Eagles is a rock band which was formed during the early 70’s in Los Angeles, CA. The music style of this group is a mixture of bluegrass, country and the instrumental harmonies of surfer rock. The creators of this new genre were the songwriters and singers Gramm Parsons, J.D. Souther, Warren Zevon and Jackson Browne. The band started playing in the southern part of California.

Since the foundation The Eagles have always been integrated by many different members. The founding members of 1971 were: Glenn Frey, who is the guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist, the drummer, vocalist and guitarist Don Henley, Bernie Leadon who is the guitarist, banjo player and mandolinist and the bassist and vocalist Randy Meisner. After that some members left the group and a new member came to play. They are the vocalist and guitarist Don Felder, Joe Walsh guitarist and vocalist and the bassist and vocalist Timothy B. Schmit.

The band was created by Linda Ronstadt’s in 1971, by that time they went to tour with Linda by two months and then they decided to create their own group which would be called ‘The Eagles”. In 1972 the new group released their self titled debut and the next year their second album named “Desperado”. Those records were produced by Glyn Johns who had worked with “The Beatles”, “The Rolling Stones”, “Led Zeppelin” and other bands.

When The Eagles decided to produce their third album (“On the Border”, 1974) they replaced Glyn for Bill Szymczyk. The single “Best of My Love” included in this disc reached the number one position on the Billboard singles chart in 1975. In the same year they released their fourth album entitled “One of These Nights”. After the releasing of this disc the problems in the band started. However, in 1976 was launched a new album called “Their Greatest Hits” which sold more than 29 million copies in the US.

In 1976 The Eagles released their next record named “Hotel California” which has two hit singles of the band, “New Kid Town” and “Hotel California”; those singles were on the number one position of the Billboard charts in 1977. By 1978 The Eagles went back to the studios to record their last album entitled “The Long Run”. After this the band broke up due to differences among the members and they started their solo careers.

In 1998 the band was introduced in the Hall of Fame and in 2001 they were also introduced in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. After this some members started to play together again and released some singles.

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