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Krishna Das: An Chanting Expert!

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Krishna Das, who was born Jeffery Kagel, is a singer that is very well-known due to performing kirtans in spite of the fact that he was born in Long Island, New York.  These kirtans, which are also called bhajans, are Hindu or Sihk devotional songs.  Usually, these chants rely on a really old origin.  In the 60’s, Krishna Das went to India, the place where he studied Buddhism and its meditation practices.  These days, Das is committed not only to chanting, but also teaching all he has learned.  For this reason, Das has traveled around all over the world.  Around 4 years ago, Krishna Das was accused of money laundering, and due to this, he paid a fine and served some years of supervised probation.

During the period of time Krishna Das spent in India, he also learned the Bhakti Yoga, which is a practice of loving devotion to God.  In addition, he got to be a priest in the Durga temple in the Himalayas.  Also, Das has been teaching and chanting in yoga centers in a really great amount of places.  In this sense, he is sometimes accompanied by Ram Dass.

Krishna Das’ chanting has become very famed internationally.  In general, his chanting is made up of a specific sort of chanting that is accompanied with music, meditation instruction, some readings about a wide-ranging diversity of spiritual traditions and, finally, teaching about the spiritual path.  As part of his great discography, the following albums are included: Pilgrim Heart, One Track Heart, Live…on Earth, Breath of Heart and Door of Faith.  Hence, Krishna Das is, without a doubt, considered to be the best American singer of music related to Indian kirtan style and devotionals.

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