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LIVE: A Massive Success

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LIVE is a post-grunge/rock band from York, Pennsylvania. They ascended to fame in the 1990’s, now they are one of the most recognized bands ever. The members of this band are: Ed Kowalczyk (vocals, guitar), Chad Taylor (guitar), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass) and Chad Gracey (drums). They have toured with a British keyboardist named Michael “Railo” Railton. Since 1999, LIVE has toured with: Adam Kowalczyk, the younger brother of Ed Kowalczyk. This band was formed in the beginning of the 80’s; their original name was First Aid but they had more name changes. In 1989, they released a record called The Death of a Dictionary when the band was called Public Afternoon. This band signed a record deal with Radioactive Records. In 1991, LIVE released Mental Jewelry, the album is based on the writings of an Indian teacher called J. Krishnamurti; it was produced by Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads.

The album Mental Jewelry established a solid fan base of LIVE. In 1994, the road to stardom of LIVE continued with the release of Throwing Copper. This album reached #1 in the United States thanks to songs like: “Selling the Drama”, “Lighting Crashes” and “I Alone.” The discography of Live includes Mental Jewelry, Throwing Copper, Secret Samadhi, The Distance to Here, V, Birds of Pray, Awake: The Best of Live and Songs from Black Mountain. Some songs of LIVE are: “Freaks”, “Run to the Water”, “Simple Creed”, “Overcome”, “Heaven” and “The River.”

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