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The Beach Boys

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The adventure of getting involved into the music industry means forming a group and then working hard to reach fame and success. Thus, three boys, a cousin, and a friend decided to join their voices to form the band, “The Beach Boys,” in 1961. Although it seems easy to have a group, it requires a lot of aspects such as having a work team in charge of technical arrangements, writing and productions. This is exactly what these boys did not have; nevertheless, they started playing different instruments to record hits such as, “Surfin’ USA,” “Help Me, Rhonda,” “I Get Around,” and “Fun, Fun, Fun.” With the release of “Pet Sounds,” this album would be a real hit in the United States and across the ocean in Europe.

While gaining popularity in England, in the United States, people did not admire their talent, whose effort was reflected in several singles and wonderful albums, and some hits. Unfortunately, problems arrived when they were under a lot of strain and when a member of the group detached from it. They also lost the drummer of the band, but they continued being the Beach Boys during their adulthood. Among disagreements and some misunderstandings, they are still capable of giving spectacular concerts with thousands of people acclaiming their tunes. Not so long ago, a member died and another decided to start a solo career. Even though only two members from the beginning of the group remain, they have left a significant legacy in the music history that not many bands will ever have.

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