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Silverchair: A Vocation Destined to Succeed

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Silverchair is a contemporary rock band from Australia. This band has sold over six million albums worldwide. Silverchair has had many songs among the top hits of the charts. The members of Silverchair are: Daniel Johns (singer and guitarist), Ben Gillies (drummer) and Chris Joannou (bass). All of them were born in 1979, they come from Merewether. This band began to be conformed when Daniel Johns and Ben Gillies decided to make music while they were in primary school. Soon, their teammate Chris Joannou joined them. At the beginning, the group was known as Innocent Criminals, they played songs of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

In 1994, they won “Pick Me”, a national demo competition that the SBS TV show called “Nomad” and the alternative radio station called Triple J conducted. At that time, Silverchair used to be called Death Rides a Sandwich. The song that won the competition was called “Tomorrow”; it was recorded by Triple J and SBS filmed a video clip for it. Their demo made them extremely popular and Sony Music signed them for a record deal after winning an intense battle to sign them against all the major record companies of Australia. Frogstomp, the first album of Silverchair was released in 1995.

The discography of Silverchair includes: Frogstomp, Freak Show, Neon Ballroom, The Best Of Vol.1, Diorama, Live from Faraway Stables and Album Number 5. Some songs of Silverchair are: “Tomorrow”, “Shade”, “Freak”, “The Door”, “Anthem For The Year 2000”, “Without You” and “Across The Night.”

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