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Caetano Veloso: A King in Brazil!

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Caetano Veloso, who was born on August 7, 1942, is considered to be, without a doubt, one of the most famed singers and composers in Brazil.  Born in Santo Amaro de Purificação, Caetano Veloso is the fifth of seven children.  His father was called Jose Telles Veloso and Claudionor Vianna Telles Veloso, best known as Dona Caro.  One of his sisters got to be, as well, really famous in the 60’s.

His artistic career started when he began singing bossa-nova, a particular kind of rhythm in Brazil.  His music has always been influenced by really extraordinary artists such as Joao Gilberto and Dorival Caymmi.  In addition, he has worked in conjunction with icons in the Brazilian music, including Gal Costa, Chico Buarque,  Gilberto Gil, Tom Ze and Os Mutantes.  Nevertheless, The Beatles were a key influence for him too.

Nonetheless, the fact that Caetano Veloso was a leftist activist was the basis for the enmity from the military dictatorship in Brazil.  Because of this, several of his songs were censored and banned.  Hence, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil were in prison for anti-government activity.  However, Caetano become really famed in some other countries such as Portugal, Africa, France and Israel.  By 2004, Caetano Veloso relied on over 50 recordings.  Furthermore, he was in charge of some successful soundtracks, including Frida and Pedro Almodovar’s Hable con Ella.

His latest albums are Noites do Norte ao vivo (2001), Eu ñao peço desculpas (2002), Todo Caetano (2002) and  A Foreign Sound (2004).  In addition, he wrote a successful book that is titled Tropical Truth: A Story of Music & Revolution in Brazil.  Hence, Caetano Veloso is an extremely well-known artist whose music and projects will be always remembered.    

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