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A "IIIrd Time Out" For You to Enjoy!

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Since they first gathered to produce IIIrd Tyme Out, back in 1991, Ray Deaton, Russell Moore and the other members of the group had great expectations about the future and success of their incoming band. They gave Bluegrass a new visage, making a good contrast between traditional sounds and brand new approaches. The current names of the members of IIIrd Tyme Out are Steve Dilling, who creatively plays the banjo; Allan Perdue, who plays the mandolin; Justen Haynes, who is in charge of the fiddle and the sound technician, Donnie Carver.

As a matter of fact, their superior quality has been granted the IBMA awards for seven consecutive years (from 1994 to 2000). Their deep vocals and the passion they show in every song, in their lyrics, is a clear evidence of their superiority and their desire to make things brilliantly. The IBMA award they received in 1998 was due to their performance as Vocal Group of the Year.

Their two live albums, called Live at the MAC and Back to the MAC (each one from 1998 and 2001 respectively) have earned popularity among both admirers and critics. Another side of music they have been very successful is the gospel music. Actually in 1997 and 1998, they were named as Best Contemporary Gospel Group, a nomination granted by the SPBGMA.

Undoubtedly, IIIrd Tyme Out have proved to be a band full of fresh proposals and which members give always the best to perform their abilities in a brilliant way!

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