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Collective Soul: The Spirit of Alternative Rock and Post-Grunge

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Collective Soul is an alternative rock/post-grunge band from Stockbridge, Georgia. This band began the road to stardom in 1994 when they signed a record deal with Atlantic Records. When the band began they were named Marching Two Step. Collective Soul became extremely popular in the 1990’s; today, the success of this band on alternative rock continues. Artists like Elton John, The Beatles, Elvis Presley and The Cars have influenced Collective Soul. Some people believe that Collective Soul is a Christian rock band but they keep denying it, even though they admit that some of their lyrics contain spiritual meanings.

Current members of Collective Soul are: Ed Roland (vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Will Turpin (bass, percussion and backing vocals), Joel Kosche (lead and rhythm guitar) and Ryan Hoyle (drums and percussion). Former members of Collective Soul include Ross Childress (lead and rhythm guitar from 1993 to 2001) and Shane Evans (drums and percussion from 1993 to 2005). The studio albums of this band are: Hints, Allegations & Things Left Unsaid, Collective Soul, Disciplined Breakdown, Dosage, Blender and Youth. This last album was released in November, 2004. They released it on El Music Group, their own independent label. In that same year, Collective Soul also released a new website.

This band made music videos for the following songs: “Shine”, “Breathe”, “Gel”, “December”, “Smashing Young Man”, “The World I Know”, “Precious Declaration”, “Listen”, “Blame”, “She Said”, “Run”, “Needs”, “Why Pt.2”, “Perfect Day”, “Better Now”, “How Do You Love? (live)” and “#66.”

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